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Section A
Foundations of Health Promotion

  Module 1
  Definitions and Concepts

--Module 2
--Module 3
--Models of Health
--& Health Promotion
--Module 4

Section B
Health Promotion in Action
--Module 5
--Module 6
--Module 7
Section C
Building your Health Promotion Practice
--Module 8
--Current Practice
--Module 9
--Future Considerations


The Ontario Health Promotion Resource System (OHPRS) is made up of over 20 organizations that work collaboratively to support health promotion in Ontario. Member organizations provide training, consultation, print and electronic resources, partnership building opportunities and referrals for anyone who wants to increase their capacity to effectively promote health in their communities. Each member has a different area of expertise. The OHPRS is funded by the Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Branch, Ministry of Health Promotion. Members receive funding from Ministry of Health Promotion or Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

List of OHPRS Members

Alcohol Policy Network
Association to Reduce Alcohol Promotion in Ontario
Best Start - Ontario's Maternal, Newborn and Early Child Development
Resource Centre

Canadian Council for Tobacco Control
Consumer Health Information Service
Council On Drug Abuse
Curriculum & School-Based Health Resource Centre
FOCUS Resource Centre
Health Promotion Hub
Heart Health Resource Centre
Media Network for smoke-free ontario
Nutrition Resource Centre
Ontario Drug Awareness Partnership
Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition
Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre
Ontario Self-Help Network
Ontario Tobacco-free Network
Parent Action on Drugs
Physical Activity Resource Centre
Program Training and Consultation Centre
The Health Communication Unit


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